Junior Cert – Other Areas of Learning (OAL)

Junior Cycle Profile of Achievements – Other Area’s of Learning 2019/20

Students have many opportunities to engage with a range of other learning experiences in their junior cycle programme. These play a critical role in ensuring that students are provided with a broad and balanced educational experience, as envisaged through the Framework for Junior Cycle. Learning experiences could include student engagement with: – activities relating to guidance, pastoral care and student support, and a school’s own religious education programme; — co-curricular activities that complement the taught curriculum, and that augment and consolidate learning in a deliberate way, for example, students engaging in a science fair; students participating in a musical performance; students participating in a debating competition; students participating in a dance performance; – other specific learning opportunities that do not form part of subjects or short courses, for example, leadership training, school attendance initiatives, participation in a homework club, etc Student achievements will be reported to students and parents/guardians on the Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement (JCPA).

This form gives you the opportunity to include 3 -5 OALs that you are most proud of. Complete the form using the numbered statements of other areas of learning given to you. *OALs are SCHOOL RELATED – it is learning that happened while students are at school OR while representing the school. It must also link to the key skill that students learned or developed whilst completing the activity.

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